Published in WNYC News - Costs Soar to Send Students with Disabilities to Private Schools

New York Times Editorial
January 12, 2014

"The treatment of disabled students should be a source of national shame. They represent 12 percent of students in the country, but they make up 25 percent of students receiving multiple out-of-school suspensions and 23 percent of students subjected to a school-related arrest."

Attorney George Zelma is an experienced trial lawyer and advocate serving the needs of families and children in New York State.

Mr. Zelma's firm is involved in cutting edge issues including production of documentary films to educate mainstream students about the needs of their special education peers.

Mr. Zelma unique in that he bring the point of view of the disabled child/student to the IEP process in advocating for the appropriate services to meet each student’s individual educational and emotional needs. He represent families at Impartial Hearings, and Appeals to the State Review Office and Federal Court. He also represent students at Suspension Hearings and Manifestation Reviews and Hearings. Mr. Zelma's wide range of knowledge enables him to clearly articulate and present facts related to neuroscience and neuropsychological evaluations, and their impact on education. He works with students with all ranges of IDEA and Section 504 classifications and disabilities.

Your child’s voice must be heard – we help make that happen.